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rules GB

General Regulations 

( updated 23-02-2020) 

• The Hotiyterter is only accessible via the bridge, this is up to the extension of the White deer.The building of boats along the well is prohibited. Except the dock next to the club building.
• Visitors to fishermen are limited to a maximum of 2 visitors per person, couple or group of licence (s). Nightly visitors by loitering will not be tolerated.
• Forbidden for dogs. 
• it is not allowed to swim or use of rowing, rubber, belly, bait boats or any other floating object for this is to use.
• It is strictly prohibited to with (almost) live bait fishing and the use of meertandige hooks, lures is hereby excluded.
• There should be no operations are performed that are suffering or may suffer to disrupt, destroying or damaging nature and material, and to the Hotiyterter.
• Closed times and baits are equal to those of the Netherlands and Sport Fisheries Federation Midwest Netherlands.
• Open fire and barbecue is forbidden with the exception of this is the forthcoming barbecue or cooking appliances (max.Lxw-50x50cm). 
• Waste should be deposited in the gray container, if it is full, take the waste to take home.
• Serve Fish with wet hands to be addressed, the fish directly in the same water should also be restored, and should never be taken away.Transferring fish is strictly forbidden! If this does not happen, you may be EXPELLED by a minimum of 3 months to life imprisonment.
• Conduct is allowed. BUT CLAIM a CUTTING IS prohibited! when using particels must at least 24 hours are soaked and cooked.
• Checkers are in possession of an identity card issued by HSV Us Pleasure or Sport fishing Federation, Midwest Netherlands Netherlands. 
• Inspectors are empowered to check on all points.Indications of the controllers should strictly be followed. 
• If work is carried out and gives your material pollution in the work you are required to move your material in such a way that the volunteers there protected. 
• The Board is empowered to suspend or expel members at non-compliance with the rules of procedure.Also the Auditors are authorized and need to report this to the Board, the Board shall give written notice to the outgoing. 
• Day tickets are valid only from sunrise to sunset yet look of 6.00 hours to 22.00 hours.Night fishing is not allowed with a fee. 
• We welcome HSV can never be held liable for any damages whatsoever arising when fishing or present to the Hotiyterter and the use of the fishing license. 
• The use of pros layers is prohibited.Also, the maximum tensile strength of the under line 20 lbs. Main features should at all times to have a heavier pull than the underline, it is therefore mandatory to fish with visveilige systems where the leads with a maximum of 80 grams comes free in case of line breakage.
• Fishing tying up with rope or all other lines is not allowed, a keepnet is only allowed in competitions. 
• At the present multiple fishing it is mandatory to straight to fish up to half way up the Hotiyterter. 
• It is not allowed to have a third caparisoned fishing rod for hands with the exception of persons in possession of a 3rd fishing map here that there is no 4th caparisoned fishing rod for hands. 
• When using a bivy tent, or parasol during the (night) fish one needs the tent so that there is a minimum passage of 1 linear meter so that everyone there on a handsome way along can with a wheelbarrow or something equivalent.When placing these shelters are required to be present. 
• At the accommodation on the Hotiyterter it is mandatory to a toilet bucket and a trash bag in it.The visstekdient at all times clean and clean to be stored. 
• Night fishing is only allowed if you are in possession of a fishing licence of HSV Us night pleasure to Enkhuizen. 
• When static fishing (fishing for big fish rods in a rodpod etc) and the pen/floating fish must be in possession of an unhooking mat and disinfectant. 
• There should be no longer than 4 nights are fished in the hotiyterter, hereinafter referred to as 1 nights may not more fish in the Hotiyterter. 
• For fishing with a 3rd Rod must be in possession of a 3rd fishing map of HSV Us pleasure, this is only valid on the Hotiyterter of Enkhuizen.The 3rd fishing map of the Federation is not valid here.
• The use of a storage bag is only allowed when you are alone.You will need to take into account the safety of the fish you use common sense. 
• If you are further away than 20 m ¹ of the fishery you need the fishing rods.Exception to this is the torque fishing. As 1 of both longer than 30 minutes the fishing should leave these are rods. 
 • The use of Carp Care (ontsemettings means for the wounds of the hook or present damage to the body) or something vergelijksbaar is required!There will also be checked on here. do you not can you buy this in the controller.or should you leave the pit!
 • it is obligatory to fish with barbs or clenched weerhaakloos fishing. 
 • It is forbidden to the track/railway embankment to enter.If you do you will be 3 months DISBARRED. here is not to talk about it.
• It is forbidden to fish with braided lines to exception to predator.
• When you have a sick fish caught has to preserve them and to inform the Board so that it can tell you what should be done with the fish.